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Dental Plaque in Port Washington

Port Washington Best Dentist
Port Washington Best Dentist

If you would like to keep cavities away and avoid gum disease, you need to manage dental plaque effectively. Here at Leeman Dental, we will implement a strategy that gives you the best chance to prevent the effects of dental plaque. All you need do is observe a solid routine or oral hygiene on your own, and come in to see our Port Washington best dentist two times per year.

Dental plaque is film-like. It is sticky, it is invisible, and it’s bacterial-based, with acids that erode your precious tooth enamel and which redden and irritate your gums to bring on the first stage of gum disease, called gingivitis. The first step in mitigating plaque is to eat a nutritious diet limited in sugars and starches, both of which are like fuel for plaque formation. When you wake up each day, you will notice that you feel a coating on your teeth. That’s plaque, and it is washed away with your morning session of teeth brushing. Do so again before bed, and be sure to include flossing at that time. Remove lodged food particles that can contribute to plaque. Any plaque that remains after brushing and flossing will turn into tartar, a hardened version of plaque that can only be efficiently eradicated with a professional teeth cleaning. You’ll get one when you come in to see our Port Washington best dentist for a six month examination. Not only will tartar buildup be taken care of, but if you are showing any indications of gingivitis, they will be reversed, which means that you won’t be at immediate risk for the advancement of gum disease and the symptoms that it brings, including persistent bad breath, bleeding when brushing, receding gums, inflammation, infection, and more.

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