Teeth cleaning in Great Neck

Teeth Cleaning in Great Neck

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Dental cleanings in Great Neck

Properly caring for your teeth and gums is extremely important. There are studied that demonstrate that good oral hygiene affects not only dental health but overall general health. Professional teeth cleaning in Great Neck is a vital part of a good oral health regimen. However, there’s more than one type of dental cleaning that can be performed depending on the goal.

Two types of dental cleanings are prophylaxis teeth cleaning in Great Neck and periodontal cleanings. While they’re both professional dental cleanings that aim for good gum health, they’re done for very different reasons. Prophylaxis or a regular dental cleaning is considered to be a part of preventive dental care. It’s done to help maintain good dental health and to prevent potential future problems from occurring. It’s a routine dental cleaning that’s done on patients with good oral health. During the cleaning, a professional hygienist like one of ours at Leeman Dental will remove plaque, tartar and other substances in attempt to prevent periodontal (gum disease) from ever occurring. This type of cleaning (prophylaxis), can only be done on patients who have good overall oral health. In order to qualify for a routine, professional teeth cleaning, you cannot have any bleeding nor any mobility of teeth, receded areas or exposed teeth. It’s recommended that healthy patients see their dental hygienist for a professional cleaning every 6 months. Periodontal cleanings (also called periodontal maintenance), are for patients who have periodontal disease. This type of cleaning isn’t for prevention but rather for treatment purposes. It’s a deep cleaning that is performed by a periodontist in order to thoroughly clean the teeth and stop periodontal disease from progressing. It will typically need to be done about 3-4 times a year. However, it will depend on certain factors like: how quickly tartar and plaque accumulate, the amount of bleeding and inflammation there is and if there are any other health risk factors.

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